Being lonely

Being Lonely.

Being lonely is linked to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. And I for one can whole heartedly second that statement. When I was in the worst of my depression I was extremely lonely and isolated,and in a sense, I still am. Currently I would say that I am in a good place, physically and mentally, yet I am still very lonely.  However it is not a sad thing for me any more, I don’t see it as being harsh because the people I really need… I have, and even though I have no close friends or people to spend time with, or do normal teenage things with…I have my health, this blog, my boyfriend, and my family. And so I must always remember to be grateful for those things as I know those things are not given to everyone. So try to think positively about the good things you do have and it will definitely benefit you.


As I just mentioned, I don’t really have any friends, and I have a very small family so my support network isn’t anything impressive. So, I believe it is very important to have a strong understanding of self-worth and self being. I came onto this earth by myself, I stand on my own two feet, and I am capable of doing anything I believe in…and so I believe that even if you are by yourself, you have enough to look after yourself and you have enough strength to battle anything you may be facing.


Is being lonely damaging?

In short, yes. For many, all the self-love in the world wouldn’t be enough and I fully appreciate that many people need to be social butterflies and of course human interaction is very healthy. So why is being lonely damaging?

Being lonely all of the time could cause an early death, and the chances are about the same as if you were to smoke fifteen cigarettes a day. And so loneliness should really be taken very seriously.  So no matter somebody’s age, we can fall victim to loneliness.


What can I do ?

There is many things someone can to do decrease feelings of loneliness. A simple one is to enjoy yourself, and instead of feeling aware of how lonely you are, do something that makes you appreciate being by yourself. Maybe do a painting with some music on? A relaxing bath, anything that makes you appreciate your alone time.

However, if you want to actually socialise, another thing you could try is to get yourself out into the world. Research local clubs around your area, maybe go for a walk and chat with the people you come across. Even take yourself (or bring a friend or relative for added experience) to a simple coffee shop, talk to the barista, make a conversation, anything! As long as you are making conscious efforts to reach out to others in any way, I am proud of you.


“If you cannot find a good companion to walk with, walk alone, like an elephant roaming the jungle. It is better to be alone that to be with those who will hinder your progress.”