About Me

I am just a teen girl who has started this blog to help myself, and hopefully someone else out there to turn a corner and get to grips with managing their thoughts rather than letting them be in control.

This blog will mostly be me sharing my story of Depression and mental disorders and about exploring various creative outlets (this being one of them!) to help me on my journey of recovery.

A big quote that inspired all of this is that, “if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” and so here I am, building my door to all of you out there, in hope to shine some light on something quite dim, and to, at the very least, make somebody know they are not alone. 🙂

Now, don’t get me wrong, not everything here is going to be all doom and gloom. Positive vibes here people! I want this to be a community about sharing love and caring for others. Just embrace the 80s hippy vibes, ok? ok. So here are some slightly happier things about myself, I enjoy makeup, fashion,shopping, pretty stationery, painting, drawing, anything pink and fluffy and a good quote or two, (and yes, you probably will get bored of them eventually!) oh and i’m also a hello kitty fanatic. So yes, here we go friends!